Prague ranked as second-best city to do business in

02 Nov 2018

architectureFollowing Vienna, Prague has been ranked as the best city to live and do business in Central and Southeast Europe, according to a study published on October 30th by international consultancy company Arcadis. Prague was also ranked as the 23rd best city worldwide.

Rankings were based on each country’s quality of life of its citizens, the level of business environment and long-term sustainable development.

“Prague is ranked as the so-called balanced innovator in Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index. Within a high level of the quality of citizens’ lives and business environment it positioned very high. The index ranks the availability and quality of healthcare, safety, tourism development, and a range of business opportunities,” said Lenka Matejickova of the Czech branch of Arcadis to the Czech News Agency.

Prague’s water management and city greenery are among its best features in terms of sustainable development. However, transport and waste management are yet to be improved, with Matejickova adding: “The index points to a need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, to promote alternative modes of transport such as electric vehicles and cycling and to improve wastewater treatment.”

Globally, London ranked first and was followed by Stockholm, Edinburgh, Singapore and Vienna. Within the CEE region, Warsaw (54th), Budapest (57th), and Moscow (58th) are the next best rankings after Vienna and Prague.