Prague population growing steadily

24 Jul 2018

peoplePrague has seen a significant growth in population over the past 16 years, except for in the year of 2013.

In 2017, the population increased by around 14,000, and this is mainly due to new incomers – half of whom are foreigners – and a high birth rate.

Last year, the number of newborn children was the highest in Prague since 1979. Additionally, the death rate has also been declining. The rise in natality can be accredited to those who postponed parenthood for the sake of a career in the 1990s and are now giving birth, whereas the decline in death rate has had a lot to do with the fact that the less numerous generation of those born in the 1930s is dying out – according to Mark Vacha, from the Prague City Hall’s Institute of Planning and Development (IPR).

In the last four years, more Czechs have been moving to Prague from other regions in the country, mainly Moravia-Silesia, due to job market limitations.

"As an economically dominating centre, Prague has attracted migrants from all over the country, and also from abroad in recent years," Vacha said.

Around 38,000 people settled in Prague last year, 44% of which came from abroad, 52% with other than Czech citizenship – mainly Ukrainians, Slovaks and Russians.

Vacha said that Prague’s population is expected to keep growing, and the city’s development and flat construction will have to correspond. According to the IPR, the city has enough reserve areas to accommodate further population growth.