Prague – the biggest Bitcoin hotspot

08 Aug 2018

CryptoAccording to an analysis by Forbes magazine, Prague ranks as the top city in the world for Bitcoin.

There are 147 vendors in Prague that accept Bitcoin, which is the highest in the world. Prague is not the only Bitcoin city in the Czech Republic, however – Despite a common differentiation between urban and rural areas, you will find over 50 businesses that accept Bitcoin in the North Bohemian town of Žatec.

Following Prague, Forbes’ top 10 list included Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Madrid, New York City, Amsterdam, Bogotá, Vancouver, London and Paris. This ranking has been based on the overall number of vendors who accept Bitcoin. Africa, Asia and Australia were noticeably absent from this list, and lack of support from the government is said to be partially why.

Among some of the top businesses in Prague, you will find Bitcoin Coffee – the only café in the world that only accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment.

The city is also home to SatoshiLabs, a company that is best-known for having developed a password-protected hardware device to carry Bitcoins. It described itself as “a company of experienced specialists and enthusiasts in the cryptocurrency industry, located in Prague, the heart of Europe.”

The figures that established this ranking came from CoinMap, a map that is highly regarded by crypto enthusiasts who use it to find places that accept Bitcoin.