EIB to lend €50M for Pilsen public transport improvements

01 Jul 2019

€50 million are going to be lent to Plzeňské městké dopravní podniky (PMDP) by the European Investment Bank in order to improve the county’s public transport. The sum given is to help Pilsen obtain a better plan to have an efficient transport service and have minimum negative impacts on the environment. 

Plzeňské městké dopravní podniky, a public transport provider in Pilsen, is about to improve its services as around 34 trams are to be purchased as well as 34 trolley buses that will replace the existing vehicles. 

EIB Vice-President Vazil Hudák stated, ‘If we want to draw more people to public transport, we need to make it comfortable and reliable.’ He saw the project as not only benefitting the passengers, but also helps maintain the environment and fits with the EU’s climate plans. ‘EIB support for Pilsen will increase the quality and the safety of local transportation services, thereby making them more attractive. This project will not only have a positive impact on the environment of the fourth biggest city in the Czech Republic; it will also contribute to the climate goals of the EU and its bank.’ 

Depot facilities and the power supply infrastructure are also to be worked on, with the former being deemed as ‘unsatisfactory for a long time’ PMDP CEO Michal Kraus explained how ‘modernising the depot we will contribute to more pleasant living conditions in the neighbouring buildings.’

Construction is expected to commence in 2020 to be finished by the end of 2022. The public transport service is estimated to have 71 million passengers per year.