Czech Republic introduces investment scheme for high risk markets

15 Apr 2019

investmentA new scheme targeting business in high risk markets has been introduced by the Czech government.

As Emerging Europe reports, the new scheme will ease and increase the availability of projects offered by Czech commercial banks to Czech companies looking to do business in high risk markets.

The €2M project is the first in central Europe of its kind and targets all states on the OECD’s official development list.

Martin Tlapa, the Czech Republic’s deputy minister of foreign affairs, said: “We decided to follow what is being discussed on the EU level about how to be efficient in developing cooperation in developing countries.

“The consensus is to move away from just giving money to difficult regions in Asia and Africa, and to invest instead. This is something that was decided at government level last year and we have prepared the programme following this direction. It is something that is really quite new among the countries of central Europe.”

Firms in every sector are eligible for the scheme, while sectors of agriculture, healthcare and water management are highlighted.

“It is aimed at Czech companies that are investing in developing countries. We will see what the demand is and will be flexible in adjusting all of the parameters, following discussions at the European level,” Mr Tlapa went on to say.