Already-strong Czech-Jordan relations to boost medical tourism

15 Oct 2019

The Czech Republic will be working towards the development of the health sector, that will benefit both the country’s growth and citizens of the country. This was explained at the start of the week by the Czech ambassador to the Jordan, Josef Koutský. 

Whilst speaking at the inauguration of the Czech Spa and Tourist Agencies Mission Business Forum on medical tourism, Koutský emphasised on the positive and healthy relationship between Amman and Prague and explained how such a strong relation could boost the health sector. 

The ambassador said, “Every year, several medical teams of different specialisations carry out hundreds of operations in Jordanian hospitals. More than 3,700 patients were operated on by Czech doctors from 2013 till now in Amman.” 

He added on to show how the Czech Republic has helped Jordan over the years and aided them whenever they encountered challenges. “The Czech Republic has been supporting Jordan since the beginning of the Syrian refugee crisis in 2011 to overcome the difficulties which it has faced. Our successful governmental humanitarian programme MEDEVAC helps to improve quality of life for Jordanian citizens and Syrian refugee patients.” 

During his statement, it was said that the trade turn-over between the 2 countries is to rise by around 30%, year-on-year. 

In addition, Koutský noted, “The Czech Republic also helps Jordan by conducting different projects for the Zaatari and Azraq refugee camps.”